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Picking Exterior Paint Colors: What To Consider?

Picking Exterior Paint Colors: What To Consider?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Your home’s exterior paint colors should be an extension of your style.
  2. Consider the style of your home when choosing exterior paint colors.
  3. Use light colors to make your home look bigger and dark colors to make it look smaller.
  4. Consider your home’s surroundings when choosing exterior paint colors.

Picking the right color can be tricky, but with these tips, you’ll be able to select something that not only looks great but also helps boost your home’s curb appeal.

From considering the color scheme of your neighborhood to thinking about the undertones of the paint, this guide will help you make the best decision for your home.

Let’s start this blog post by exploring the psychology of colors!

The Psychological Effects of Different Colors

The psychological effects of color are well-documented and can profoundly impact human emotions and behavior.

  • Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, strength, power, and danger. Red can increase heart rate and respiration and raise blood pressure.
  • Orange is the color of the sun and is associated with joy, happiness, and creativity. Orange is also said to stimulate mental activity and increase appetite.
  • Yellow is the color of sunshine and is associated with happiness, optimism, and idealism. Yellow has been shown to increase alertness and stimulate mental activity.
  • Green is the color of nature and is associated with growth, fertility, and freshness. Green can also help to improve vision.

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Picking the Right Paint Color!

1. Consider the Surrounding Landscape

The color of your home’s exterior should complement the surrounding landscape. If you live in a rural area, you might want to choose a color that blends in with the natural surroundings. If you live in an urban area, you might want to choose a color that makes your home blend in with other paints in your vicinity.

2. The Climate

The climate in your area can also play a role when choosing paint for your home’s exterior. For example, light colors like white or cream can help keep your home cooler if you live in an area with hot summers & mild winters. Darker colors like gray or black can help your home appear and feel warmer if you live in an area with cold winters and hot summers.

3. The Type of Siding on Your Home

The type of siding on your home will also affect your chosen color. For example, if your home has wood siding, you’ll want to select a color that complements the wood. If your home has stucco siding, you’ll want to choose a color that goes well with stucco.

4. Your Personal Preferences

You’ll also want to choose a color you like. If you have a favorite color, for example, you might want to use it on your home’s exterior. If you prefer more traditional styles, you might want to choose classic colors like white or cream. If you prefer more modern styles, you might want to choose bolder colors like red or yellow.

5. Your Home’s Trim

You’ll want to choose a color that goes well with the trim. For example, if you have white trim, you might want to choose a color like beige or cream. If you have black trim, you might want to choose a color like dark green or brown.

6. Other Colors on Your Property

You should also consider the other colors on your property when choosing the color for your home’s exterior. For example, if you have colorful flowers or landscaping, you might want to choose a coordinating color for your house so that everything ties together nicely.

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How to Find a Reputable Painting Contractor?

  1. When looking for a painting contractor to paint your home’s exterior, choosing a company with experience and a good reputation is essential.
  2. Make sure to get multiple quotes.
  3. Ask each painting contractor about their specific process for painting the home and what type of paint they use.
  4. It’s crucial to ask about the warranty each contractor offers in case of any problems.
  5. Once you have chosen a painting contractor, communicate your expectations clearly and provide a detailed list of what you would like to be painted.

How to D.I.Y. Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

1. Choose The Right Paint

The first step to painting your home’s exterior is choosing the right paint. You’ll want to use high-quality exterior paint to withstand the elements. Be sure to select a color appropriate for the material of your home’s exterior. For example, if your home is made of brick, you’ll want to use a different type of paint than if your home is made of wood.

2. Prepare The Surface

Once you’ve chosen the right paint, you’ll need to prepare the surface before you begin painting. This means cleaning the surface of dirt, debris, and other materials that could prevent the paint from adhering correctly.

3. Use A Primer

Before you start painting, applying a primer to the surface is essential. This will help the paint adhere better & provide a more even finish. Be sure to choose a primer appropriate for the type of paint you’re using.

4. Paint In Sections

When you’re ready to start painting, work in small sections so you don’t get overwhelmed. Begin at the top of your home and work your way down, painting one section at a time. Be sure to use even strokes & follow instructions on the paint can regarding drying times & recoating intervals.

5. Clean Up Your Mess

Once you’ve finished painting, it’s important to clean up. Remove all drop cloths, tape, and other materials from the area. You should also wash any brushes or rollers used in soap and water.

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